Post Marijuana Depersonalization Syndrome (PMDS)

There’s a sample of signs which regularly comply with the usage of marijuana (smoking and edibles). This sample might happen even years after the usage of this substance with none repercussions. What typically happens is a powerful sensation of feeling unreal, indifferent, disoriented, foggy or disconnected. Many state they expertise the extended sensation of feeling excessive, as if the marijuana remained of their system or brought on harm inside. This produces intense fear, worry, lack of sleep and lack of urge for food. Focus ranges drop as does the flexibility to work, socialize, examine or just take pleasure in life. Learn more about edibles marijuana.

We name this the Publish Marijuana Depersonalization Syndrome (PMDS) and it’s not an uncommon incidence. There’s a typical persona sort that experiences this response and it helps to know if one falls into this class. That is the person who’s mainly:

– Extremely smart
– Analytical
– Over-achiever
– Inventive
– Perfectionist

– Most of all, this particular person is Extremely Reactive to outdoors stimuli, as exhibited within the following:

– Adversarial reactions when taking prescription drugs which regularly overrides the advantages of the remedy.
– Intense response to caffeine, nicotine, alcohol or leisure medicine.
– Experiences discomfort in rising outside temperatures, with irritability, anxiousness and pressure.

That is additionally a person who avoids the discomfort of confrontation and sometimes represses robust feelings similar to:


As an alternative of acknowledging and understanding emotional misery, the person represses feelings, which outcome within the manifestation of intrusive bodily and emotional signs similar to:

Emotions of Unreality
Mind Fog
Lack of ability to Focus
Visible Disturbances
Complications and Physique Aches
Anxiousness and Panic Assaults
Lack of Urge for food
Gastrointestinal Misery

These sensations are solely exacerbated by way of remedy for the reason that particular person is extremely reactive to outdoors stimuli and medicine is excessive on this record.

Naturally, the treatment for Publish Marijuana Depersonalization Syndrome (PMDS) is to fully keep away from triggers similar to:

Leisure Substances that alter one’s psychological state
Extra of Sugar

It is usually important to discover ways to interrupt signs and make the correct corrections, permitting a fatigued thoughts to refresh. This entails:

Studying the best way to make the correct Behavioral Corrections (Thought Modification) permitting a fatigued thoughts to refresh.
Utilizing a extremely particular Diet Plan to create a much less reactive thoughts and physique, leading to balanced blood sugar ranges and naturally boosting Serotonin ranges within the mind.